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Operations Science Is Key to Business Strategy and Profitability

Welcome. The Operations Science Institute (OSI) is dedicated to eliminating chaos, confusion and waste in operations management caused by the lack of awareness and lack of understanding of the science governing operations.


Operations Science has been applied at leading international companies such as Baxter International, Chevron, Delta Airlines, Emerson, Intel, and Microsoft.  The concepts are taught at leading universities including Cal Poly (SLO), Michigan, Stanford, Texas A&M and many other academic institutions.

New to the OSI? | Operations science training

Professional Development for Operations Executives and Managers

The Operations Science Institute works to provide clear, comprehensive, science-based education, advice, training, and standards for controlling and improving operations performance. The concepts are highly practical; they have been successfully learned and applied by both hourly employees and C-suite executives. This science should be a professional development prerequisite for any operations executive or manager. One wouldn’t become a surgeon without first studying anatomy. An operations science-based approach provides any manager in any industry a powerful way to create business strategies and use an organization’s existing resources more effectively for predictable, best-possible operations management.

Science is universal and not just for large companies. The same concepts applied at large companies have also been successfully implemented at small and medium size companies such as Arc Precision, Dezurik, and Wagner Spraytech.  We hope you will join us as we work to stop the wasted effort and loss of value that companies commonly encounter even today, with amazing advances in technology, hundreds of years after the start of the industrial revolution.

Determine the best way forward with your existing people and technology. At the Operations Science Institute, we have often seen organizations rapidly improve their performance with only training and application of operations science concepts. At the least, it is a much less complex and risky endeavor than implementing a new software system, hiring expensive consultants, or kicking off a company-wide initiative.

We welcome contributing articles, case studies, or blog posts.  We have many plans for the OSI including resources for industry professionals, students, academics and partners. If you have particular requests for resources, let us know that also, send us a note to info@opscience.org.

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