Operations Science Institute


Operations Science Articles

Articles include papers and presentations that cover topics relevant to operations science education and application. These are available to anyone with a registered account on the website.


If there are particular topics you would like covered or you wish to contribute, please send us an email to info@factoryphysics.com

Operations Science Books

There is a wealth of research, scholarship and practical application examples available on operations science. With its origin in Factory Physics, the initial books are on that topic. For those who don’t work in manufacturing or factories or are a bit intimidated by the “physics” term, there is a simple solution. Anywhere the term “factory physics” occurs, substitute “operations science.”


The secret to success is not the name but how the science is applied to an individual’s specific situation. This is part of the mission of the Operations Science Institute, to help people successfully apply the science in the context of their own work.

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