Operations Science Institute

Improve Services Delivery and Production Performance

Need better on-time delivery or inventory management?
Manage variability for higher profit, best possible lead times
Want improved results using your existing IT systems?

Operations Science is the key to better results

A Path to Better Projects

Is project management chaotic, requiring frequent schedule revisions and "heroic" rescue efforts?
Are product design, engineering, or construction projects too often behind schedule and over budget?

Operations Science improves project delivery

Proven Operations Solutions

More Consulting? New software? Lean? Digital? Six Sigma? Theory of Constraints? Blockchain? Agile? Artificial Intelligence?
Want to coordinate many or conflicting initiatives?
Harness employee experience rather than hire consultants

Employees apply operations science to improve performance using current resources

Solve Operations Management Problems

Over 250 years after the start of the Industrial Revolution, even in today’s age of artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics, and digital technology, many companies still have too much cost, too much inventory and poor on-time delivery performance

Service providers have long response times and the wrong capacity, customer service suffers and profitability is impaired

Project management for R&D, new product development, and construction repeatedly yields late and over-budget projects

Operations efforts yield unpredictable results and chaotic work environments that cause stress and tension for those involved

Develop Employees. Inspire. Energize. Sustain.

Inspire your associates by investing in their experience and ideas with an easy to learn science-based approach to operations. The clarity of operations science focuses efforts, reduces chaos and stress, and accelerates success

Energize your associates by investing in them to provide operations science knowledge needed to achieve predictable outcomes with reduced waste and stress. Watch them solve long-standing operations challenges—it has happened many times in many organizations, why not in yours?

Sustain efforts successfully over the long term. Establish a common language and science-based operations planning and control practices in a standard management framework tailored to your business

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