Operations Science Institute


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Operations Science improves project delivery

Want better results using your existing IT systems?Too little profit or lead times too long?Need better on-time delivery or inventory management?

Improve Services Delivery and
Production Performance

Actual OSI customer discussion of operations science process analysis
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Operations Science improves project delivery

Are product design, engineering, or construction projects too
often behind schedule and over budget?
Is project management chaotic, requiring frequent schedule
revisions and "heroic" rescue efforts?

A Path to Better Projects

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Employees apply operations science to improve
performance using current resources

Harness employee experience rather than hire consultantsWant to coordinate many or conflicting initiatives?

Proven Operations Solutions

  • More Consulting?
  • New software?
  • Lean?
  • Digital?
  • Six Sigma?
  • Theory of Constraints?
  • Blockchain?
  • Agile?
  • Artificial Intelligence?