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Uwe Göehring Bio

Uwe Göehring, , Operations Science Institute Board of Advisors board member

bigbyte software systems inc.

Operations Science in Supply Chain, Demand Planning, ERP, and SAP

Uwe is founder and president of bigbyte software systems inc. He is a SAP-designated Mentor and has worked in supply chain optimization for more than 25 years.

bigbyte optimizes supply chains around the world and Uwe practices mainly, but not exclusively, SAP supply chain optimization with a focus on lean principles and operations science for process, repetitive, and discrete manufacturers. bigbyte focuses on optimization for demand planning and leveling, policy setting, exception monitoring, and execution.

Uwe is currently working with supply chains around the world using a unique approach to coach and transform planners, buyers, schedulers, and systems in the art of rule-based, strategic and tactical planning.